You Say You Want a Revolution

Is a general revolution imminent? Are the social, psychological, and cultural effects of social networking rendering the way we conduct our relationships or manage knowledge obsolete? Are domestic and global economic inequities reaching unbearably large extremes? Are the governing institutions capable of resolving current problems? Are the major problems of climate change, global health, and … Continue reading You Say You Want a Revolution

Another Goodfellow, Tennessee Whiskey, and Flyleece

Sam Goodfellow Art Thank you, Sam, for your visual contribution.  I can think of no more concise and powerful summary of everything Mary Trump had to say about her deeply disturbed Uncle Donnie. A Tennessee Whiskey to Soothe Your Soul A while ago I pledged to not drink Kentucky bourbon in a post intended to … Continue reading Another Goodfellow, Tennessee Whiskey, and Flyleece

Black Man in the Huddle

The 1960 Miller Buccaneers, and their bus driver. By telling the story of integration as experienced in that most vital of community institutions, the local high school, Professor Jacobus has made a great contribution to the historiography of civil rights.  While much of the history of civil rights has understandably focused major political, religious, and … Continue reading Black Man in the Huddle