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  1. 1st thing I want to do is say thank you and the team for publication of the plagiarized voter recommendations. I found a great deal of value from it in my quest as to how best use my vote for positive change. I have read quite a bit that you have shared and I do relate very much to what you have shared. The technical reason for the contact is that your Bio linked from your picture is not accessible. It hides faster than one can click on it.

    I have enjoyed reading your writings and perspectives about many topics like “Kentucky Bourbon and the pathetic Senators from Kentucky”. I’m a former republican that Jan 6 was a pivotal moment that I needed to distance myself from symbolically I guess, but I can not find anything redeeming about the NGOP (did not vote along party lines prior, but I grade myself a D- on actual time invested and efforts made to vet out the truth for my vote to make a positive difference. Trump changed that for me and I now invest a lot of time into topics and details and not falling into the narrative trap. This is me and I recently quit my job in tech to take retirement @ 61:

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    1. Congratulations on your retirement, James! I retired three years ago from a job I loved, but feel I am currently doing things that are even more meaningful. I hope your experience will be the same.

      I am glad that some of what I have to say has helped you navigate the the treacherous waters we are all in. I am even more glad that people like you are helping me better understand myself and the world we live in. Welcome aboard. I look for your continued engagement and inputs.

      As for the technical problem with my bio link. I do not recall setting that up. The only biographical information and background information about the site is either the brief bio that is included at the end of every posting, or the link to the “About” page that you find on the menu below my picture. I hope this answers your question. If not, it is very possible that I did something wrong. The technology has many constructive applications, but I will freely admit that I am not very good at it!

      I will salute your retirement this evening with a glass of Uncle Nearest!



      1. James, I’ll try to edit your response as soon as possible. If I can’t for whatever reason, I’ll take it down and have you resubmit. I agree entirely with your comment and will make that more public sooon.


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