I am a retired high school history teacher privileged to have worked with incredible students over forty years in many places near and far.  I currently live in Southern California.  My writings will largely focus a concern with creating a future for my grandchildren that embraces a greater respect for all of creation, promotes an appreciation of science as a means of understanding it, and engages a regard for those heroes of the past who have helped create a more just, tolerant, and peaceful world.

Sam Goodfellow

Sam is a semi-retired professor of history at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He is a specialist on the history of fascism in Europe and the author of Between the Swastika and the Cross of Lorraine: Fascisms in Interwar Alsace (Northern Illinois University Press, 1999). Sam has begun to paint in recent years and a number of his art expressions have received awards.

Calen Rau

Calen is a high school history teacher in Southern California. He is also a trained historian, specializing in East-Central Europe and radical right politics. In addition to his interest in history, Calen is a beer enthusiast, traveler, and dedicated comic book nerd.